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Film by Elliot Dear / Winter Champion

Music Matters is a campaign that’s aimed at starting a conversation with the listening audience and the only sensible way to make the point, is to let the music do the talking. We asked some people to make a series of short films focusing on some inspirational music, music that can’t be ignored. We want to give fans a hand to navigate the huge variety of music available to them, particularly online.

The Music Matters mark signifies the support of musicians and their craft, and will be carried by legitimate music services and retailers. It will give music fans a a chance to make the ethical choice. If you think Music Matters look for MM mark on all supporting music sites.

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  1. Er, where are all the unsigned, unsuccessful musicians (they can be KNOWN and RESPECTED without the former two qualities, you know?) where are they, supporting this propaganda? NO. Because you record companies couldn't give a toss about anything other than the profit margin. Fuck off and die ASAP. Real musicians get paid, laid and respected. The industry is just an abstraction between them and the street, a waste of time. Money loans are all they need to get started — nothing more.

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