Computed Radiography Systems Offer The Most Affordable Digital X-Ray Option

Many small and mid-sized medical facilities turn to CR solutions to meet their needs for outstanding digital x-rays. CR, or Computed Radiography, is the most affordable method of obtaining medical digital images, and it is flexible for use in a variety of specialization areas. Units are also available that make portable digital imaging workable as well.

A CR system can be used to retrofit existing film x-ray equipment. Because in years past the cost was so prohibitive for making the switch to the latest digital technology, many smaller medical facilities continued to use their film x-ray systems. But with the price of digital technology and computers dropping dramatically in recent years, it has caused the prices of CR system technology to also drop accordingly. You can actually add the components that will provide you with the specific tools you need and do not have to pay for extras that you will not use, and you can use it in conjunction with your film equipment, so in this way you can upgrade your equipment over time, to make it more affordable for your medical office.

Fujifilm CR systems are a popular choice in digital medical imaging. It offers many customizable options, making it a flexible digital imaging solution suited to many types of medical office specializations. It is quick and easy to use, allowing you to take digital images in only three steps.

In addition to CR acquisition systems, you will also need a way to view, distribute and archive your digital images. For this purpose, many medical offices turn to a PACS system used in conjunction with clinical workstations. The PACS appliance consists of hardware and software designed to aid in enhancing digital medical images with features such as zoom, pan, crop, rotate, as well as make adjustments to brightness and contrast to give you the highest resolution digital images for medical use.

Digital images can be worked with on a clinical workstation that has a diagnostic monitor for optimal high resolution viewing. After improving the images, they can be sent or received using the PACS appliance, making possible long-distance consultations that are cost effective. Medical facilities must stay in compliance with HIPPA rules, and the PACS system can be a big aid in this effort. The system can be set to automatically save digital medical images to CD, DVD or a server onsite at your medical office as well as offsite, which is needed for effective disaster recovery.

Discuss affordable CR solutions with your favorite medical imaging distributor for more information.

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